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Mercedes E class w212 sedan 2015

Mercedes E class w212 estate 2015

Agion Oros

Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in Greece. A World Heritage Site and autonomous polity in the Hellenic Republic, Athos is home to 20 stavropegial Eastern Orthodox monasteries under the direct jurisdiction of the patriarch of Constantinople. Today Greeks commonly refer to Mount Athos as the "Holy Mountain". In Classical times, while the mountain was called Athos, the peninsula was called Akté (sometimes Acte or Akte).





Ancient Stagira

Stagira , Stagirus , or Stageira was an ancient Greek city on the Chalkidiki peninsula and is chiefly known for being the birthplace of Aristotle, who was a Greek philosopher and polymath, a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great. The city lies approximately 8 kilometres north northeast of the present-day village of Stagira, close to the town of Olympiada.

Our base is in Afitos

halkidiki ,Greece.



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Petralona Cave

The cave was accidentally discovered in 1959 by Fillipos Chatzaridis, a local shepherd looking for a spring. The Petralona skull, about 700,000 years old, was found there in 1960 by Chistos Sarrigiannidis, another local. Further research in the cave has yielded 4 isolated teeth, then two pre-human skeletons dated about 800,000 years, a great number of fossils of various species and what is considered as the oldest traces of fire known to this day. The fossils have been at the Geology School of the Thessaloniki Aristotle University since 1960.




 Mediterranean Cosmos





210 stores in total, 33 restaurants and cafe

Mediterranean Cosmos with 210 stores in total, 33 restaurants and cafes, supermarket, cinemas and bowling, a 400 amphitheatre seats for various events, a kindergarten, a Greek orthodox church and a traditional Greek village , it is an everyday, all day long safe and pleasant destination for everyone.